A video of MP Ashraf Ghani in Panjshir and the Taliban cut the internet

After the video clips of “Amrullah Saleh”, the Afghan Vice President Ashraf Ghani spread about social, in one of the Panjshir mountains in the north-east of the country, this morning, Sunday, the Taliban movement cut the Internet in the “Al-Muntaza” area.

THE media locals reported the move came to prevent the former vice president from sharing his messages on Twitter.

Vice President Amrullah Saleh appears on a mountain #banjshir this morning. Ahmad Sayed

He cited local sources confirming that the internet and communications services have been almost completely cut off from the Panjshir, which is controlled by “Northern Alliance” forces led by Ahmed Masoud, son of the late field commander Ahmed Shah Masoud.

This came after a member of the Taliban Culture Committee, Enamullah Semanjani, announced that elements of the movement had entered the Panjshir from different directions without encountering any resistance, pointing out that the door was still open for negotiation, according to reports from the “Tolo News” channel last night, Saturday.

On the other hand, the head of the negotiating coalition delegation, Muhammad Al-Mas Zahid, denied the validity of these allegations, stressing that no one entered the state.

Russian warning

For his part, the Russian ambassador in Kabul, Dmitry Zhirnov, warned that the movement could take control of the Panjshir in a few hours.

He added, during the statements last night on “YouTube,”  as reported by the Russian agency Sputnik: I think they can enter the area and check it within a day, even hours, but refrain to avoid a bloodbath.

However, he pointed out, the situation in that province, almost the only one not to have fallen under the rule of the Taliban, is relatively calm.

Interestingly, the movement had previously announced that the growing mandate issue is easy and that it has come close to resolving issues with the Ahmed Masoud group.

While the Afghan commander confirmed that he would not give up, he did not rule out negotiations.

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