A Video of Some of the Minecraft Game’s Mobs Displays Horrifyingly Realistic Renderings

What would happen to the game’s mobs if they were portrayed outside the voxel art limits is horrifyingly imagined by a Minecraft fan.


Unquestionably, Mojang’s renowned sandbox has developed an iconic look because of Minecraft’s distinctive voxel art approach. However, a fan attempts to demonstrate what happens when one renders the in-game mob designs more realistically. The power of Minecraft’s visual identity comes in its cute, endearing simplicity, similar to what Terraria achieved with its Final Fantasy-inspired pixel imagery. The blocky voxel graphics are an essential component of Minecraft, including various biomes, friendly creatures, and deadly foes.

Given this, it makes sense why fans frequently ponder what happens when the world of Minecraft is brought outside of the game. There are countless instances where the opposite has occurred. The creative community of the game has painstakingly translated entire fictional universes into Minecraft’s blocky visuals. On the other hand, a gifted player with a strangely fitting name decided to demonstrate what would happen to Minecraft themes like Endermen and Creepers if they were freed from the constraints of the voxel art style they were designed for.


A video exhibiting the mobs in all their nasty detail was released on the official Minecraft subreddit along with Slight Crazy’s work. The cartoon-like design of Slight Crazy may have translated each Minecraft mob’s general concept far better than a fully realistic approach could have. The alien nature of the Minecraft environment stands out prominently in these realistic redesigns.

What would minecraft look like in realism? from Minecraft

Many aspects of Minecraft begin to sound like they belong in a horror game when taken at its value and stripped of its endearing visual identity. In Survival Mode, the sun setting heralds approaching peril as lanky humanoid beings stalk the night and hunt down anyone unlucky enough to catch a glimpse of their eyes. It is unnecessary to include zombies and skeletons in the game or the fact that the Nether biome in Minecraft contains a real-life hell.

The key improvements coming to Minecraft in Patch 1.20 are a new type of wood in bamboo, the ability to carve a bookshelf, and the inclusion of hanging signage in the game. This is in contrast to the darker aspects of the game. Mojang has promised players that Patch 1.20 is coming, even though a release date has yet to be announced. According to current rumors, the upgrade will be released between June and July 2023.

Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC, mobile, and other platforms all support Minecraft.