A video spread like fire Taliban for a taxi driver “Don’t be the music”

Despite its previous promises, the Taliban movement, since taking power in August 2021, has not committed to respecting human rights and their personal choices. The extremist movement continues to impose its rules on Afghans in various regions of the country, both through threats and intimidation.

In the past few hours, a video clip of a Taliban talking to a driver in the capital, Kabul, has spread like wildfire on social, while asking him not to listen to music.

Severe rules

She also told him: “Don’t listen to music because it’s forbidden, and don’t allow women to use taxis unless accompanied by a male from their family.”

While the driver seemed to be shaking his head in sign of assent, knowing the punishment for those who do not respect these orders.

This is not the first position of the Taliban in an attempt to impose their rules on the public.The movement, after a few days of seizing power, has imposed its strict rules that foresee the need to grow a beard and impose protection on women .

restrictions on women

Women were also prevented from returning to work in public institutions, while girls were prohibited from attending school.

While the men had to grow beards and participate in prayers in every moment, otherwise they would have been beaten, and they were also forced to wear traditional clothing.

And last August, the Taliban killed a popular Afghan singer, days after a movement spokesman said “music is prohibited” and hoped to ban the playing of music in public places. in Afghanistan, during an interview with the New York Times.

Famous Afghan folk singer, Fuad Andrabi, was taken from his home in his village of Andarab near the Panjshir valley, about 100 kilometers north of Kabul, and killed by members of the Taliban on August 28, 2021.

Banish music and songs

It is noteworthy that the Taliban after taking power in About two weeks in Afghanistan, they said they would ban listening to music and songs in public places.

A Taliban fighter in Kabul (Reuters Archive)
A Taliban fighter in Kabul (Reuters Archive)

While analysts and rights groups have seen these moves indicate that neoconservative rulers are tightening and expanding their grip on Afghan society despite initial promises of leniency after taking power in mid-August.

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