A war could break out .. the founder of Twitter compete with Musk with a new application

It looks like competition could soon flare up between Elon Musk after his complete control of Twitter and Blue Sparrow founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey announced a few days ago that it will launch a new application called “Blue Sky” in which users have control of the algorithms.

“The next step is to start testing and developing the protocol,” the company said in a note, according to People.

He added that “it takes coordination of many parties once the network is implemented, so we will be starting a private beta to fix the problems.”

The new application will use a transfer protocol called (AT Protocol), which is a social network unified managed by multiple sites rather than a single site.

strong competitor

And Dorsey indicated last week that his new app intends to compete with any company looking to acquire the basic fundamentals of social media or the data of its users.

The man, who stepped down as Twitter CEO in November 2021 and the company’s board of directors in May of questyear, he complained about how things went with Twitter.

Blue Sky was initially founded by Twitter in 2019 to help develop a similar decentralized concept for the video giant social media.

Permanent and open protocol

“The larger, longer-term goal is to build a permanent protocol open to public conversation,” wrote Dorsey in a question and answer session at the time.

He also added: “It is not owned by any organization, but as many as possible contribute to it.”

In February, the company announced the formation of Bluesky PBLLC, “the utility company that will implement this vision as an independent organization,” with Dorsey as one of its board members.

But after Dorsey, who co-founded Twitter in 2006, stepped down as CEO in November, Musk made an offer to buy the social network last April.

Before this show became a real possession two days ago, the richest man in the world promised to free the “blue bird”!

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