A witness who die explosion in Beirut survived … reveals new details

The investigation into the crime of the Beirut port explosion continues ten months after it happened, without die Controversy over die To resolve the causes of this terrible catastrophe, die die Lebanese capital on the 4th waiting for the start of the summons to order die Responsible for die Include port disaster.

New witnesses and 3 hypotheses

New in This case is what investigator on the file, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, revealed two days ago when he identified 7 survivors of the explosion, die themselves in the port in stayed near the explosion site.

He also stressed: “The investigation is nearing its end and will soon begin to summon a number of politicians, die to talk about three hypotheses die yourself die Rotate exams, die Missile air strikes, die causal link between the welding of Amber Gate No 12 and the fire that led to the explosion, in addition to the possibility of terrorist or security measures, die suggest that any of these hypotheses have been 70 percent ruled out and work is underway to die complete the remaining two hypotheses.

A witness who die explosion in Beirut survived … reveals new details

Families of victims of the port of Beirut (Archive – Reuters)

An eyewitness tells

While die Investigations are still on die Limit technical and technical aspects, revealed one of the survivors of the explosion to Al-Arabiya.net/ Al-Hadath.netthat in Station # 12 loud noises were heard before it fully exploded.

The witness, who refused to reveal his identity, added, “The method, tons of nitrates in die Packing Station # 12, along with large amounts of fireworks, concludes that what happened on August 4th was an “intentional” act. because no sane person has strong materials in die Close to fireworks.

From the port of Beirut (Archive - AFP)

From the port of Beirut (Archive – AFP)

To the welding work, die took place in the hangar mentioned, he simply said: “The welders were present in the port without confirming whether they were 12 hours before the explosion in of Station No. were working. “

The volcano erupted under my feet

Mahmoud Daibes, for his part, also die Port explosion survived, confirmed to Al-Arabiya.net: “To hear the flight noise first, followed by strange noises, similar to strong fireworks, in Block 12. “He continued:” After a few minutes of loud noises and after the civil protection teams had succeeded, die To extinguish rising flames, the harbor was quiet only three seconds before the volcano erupted beneath my feet. “

He added, “The explosion was so strong and I heard voices die said: Oh God, and then she disappeared.

Daibes pointed out that “Barn # 12” because of its quietness and its distance from the “noise” of dock work in an area called “Marine Holds”.

The pain will last a lifetime

Port of Beirut (Archive - AFP)

Port of Beirut (Archive – AFP)

He also concluded his speech and emphasized that “die The port’s wound will not heal and the pain will last a lifetime “. He added:” I give to all officials without exception die Guilt, because what happened to Lebanon and the Lebanese is an injustice. I urge Judge Al-Bitar die Follow up investigations to heal our wounds and die To cool people’s hearts. ” die Families of the victims. “

It is noteworthy that on April 15, Judge Al-Bitar detained 6 prisoners in the case released while he die Requests from other people, die held high positions in the port, declined.

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