A year after his arrest, Navalny: I do not regret my return in Russia

A year after his arrest, Russian dissident Aleski Navalny announced on Monday that he “does not regret even for a second” of returning to his country, urging the Russians not to be afraid.

Navalny wrote about social: “I did it and I don’t regret it for a second” for opposing the Kremlin and for returning to the country, despite the high probability of his arrest after spending months in Germany to recover from poisoning, according to AFP.

“Do not worry”

The dissident, whose messages are broadcast regularly on the social, he added: “After a year in prison, I tell you what I said (to my supporters) before the court: do not be afraid”.

The publication also accompanied the two with a photo of him in prison uniform, accompanied by his wife, Yulia.

Navalny will appear again in court Monday to take in considering two complaints he filed against the prison administration. The Petushki court in the Vladimir region, where the opponent is incarcerated, is examining the two files at noon.

Images broadcast by the independent TV station “Dogd” on the Internet showed Navalny participating in the first session via a video link.

Arrest and imprisonment

Interestingly, Navalny was arrested on January 17, 2021 at Moscow airport upon his return from Germany, where he was treated for a dangerous poisoning to which he was exposed. in Siberia in August, for which President Vladimir Putin is being held.

Russia has not opened any investigation into this assassination attempt, confirming that there are no indications in this direction, accusing Berlin of not having shared the test doctors to whom the opposition was submitted.

In addition, Navalny, who opposes the corruption of the Russian elites, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. in cases of “fraud” which he considers political.

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