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A young Jordanian woman appeals to the king and expresses her thanks

A young Jordanian woman has appealed to King Abdullah, via a video clip she posted on Instagram, which sparked widespread interaction, after the King Hussein Cancer Center, which she said she constantly donates to, refused to receive the his ailing 65-year-old father, forcing the Jordanian king to intervene.

Naima Seif shared a video, widely circulated on social, in which he sent a message to King Abdullah II, asking him to help his father, who had been diagnosed with advanced leukemia.

تتوجه بالشكر لملك الأردن

While the King Hussein Cancer Center stated, in a statement in response to the video of the young Jordanian: “In the beginning, we wish the patient a speedy recovery, and we appreciate the position of the parents and their concern for their patient”. He added: “For clarification, the patient’s reports have been submitted to seek treatment at the King Hussein Cancer Center, and after his case has been investigated by the relevant medical committee, it has been found that he suffers from acute leukemia” leukemia, and needs immediate hospitalization to deal with complications, and due to lack of beds, especially in the leukemia ward of the center in this moment, and so that the wait does not lead to complications that may arise from this waiting period, we have advised the patient family to go immediately in another hospital that currently has the capacity, indicating that as soon as the beds are available in the center for the patient’s admission, we will not hesitate to inform the patient to access them.

Saif’s plight has aroused widespread sui sympathy socialwhose users have expressed their support for the young Jordanian woman and her father, while some have denounced the hospital’s neglect of the health conditions of Saif’s father, who require urgent intervention.

After the uproar caused by the video, Royal Medical Services has released a post on his page, in which reads: “His Majesty the King directs the care of Citizen Saif Awad at the Military Oncology Center at his own expense, and was transferred to the Military Oncology Center and surrounded by medical care complete and the provision of necessary therapeutic services for him.” Then the young woman, Naima, reappeared in a video, in which she thanked the king and all those who supported her so that her father could receive treatment.


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