A young man loses his hand after die French police broke up an “infringing” concert

When breaking up a noisy party with 1500 people in Western France, five police officers were injured and a 22-year-old lost his hand, shared die local authorities on Saturday.

Night owls tried die Hold party on a racetrack, though in A general curfew was imposed on France at 11:00 p.m. It is noteworthy that this curfew is thanks to the decline in the Covid-19 epidemic in France should be repealed from Sunday.

More than 400 police officers took part in breaking up this noisy party on Saturday in Brittany (West).

A young man loses his hand after die French police broke up an “infringing” concert

from the offending party

Emmanuel Bertier, district chief of Ile-e-Villene, condemned “extremely violent clashes”, die had taken place during the police dissolution of the party.

Bertier said that “1,500 people” agreed to hold a noisy party in memory of Steve Maya Canisseau who took part during the music festival two years ago in Nantes (West) died after being in die La Loire had fallen when die Police intervened to die Dissolve assembly.

For his part, a police source told AFP that “die Security forces encountered very violent people and were pelted with Molotov cocktails, steel balls and concrete blocks “.

Police cars around die party

Police cars around die party

On the other side sat die Police repeatedly use tear gas and attack groups of violent night owls.

Bertier accused the audience of “extreme” and “unjustified” violence. Bertier told reporters that die It took police more than seven hours to get around die Protestors disperse.

He added that an investigation into the night’s events was ongoing, including how the 22-year-old lost his hand.

For his part, regional police chief Pierre Suffgren told France Info Radio that he believed the young man picked up an exploded object without elaborating on it.

from the party

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