A young man makes thousands of dollars mining cryptocurrencies with a ‘auto Tesla

Siraj Rafal has used every possible method to mine cryptocurrency with his own auto Tesla Model 3 of 2018.

He revealed to “CNBC” that he used a free program to mine Bitcoin via the Apple Mac Mini M1 and 5, where he runs them together using two algorithms, in addition to the battery of theauto.

In addition, he also connected the GPUs to his own auto Tesla, which are used to directly extract the internal battery of theauto, even if at the risk of voiding your warranty auto, he said it was worth it.

When the price of Ether peaked in 2021, Raval said, it was getting a net return of $ 800 per month.

Bitcoin miner Alejandro de la Torre commented that mining from Tesla is just like connecting to any other energy source.

He added that the main component is the price of electricity, and “if the use of aauto electricity is cheaper, so be it “, according to what Al-Arabiya saw.net.

Years earlier, blogger Chris Alessi mined cryptocurrencies in 2018 in two different ways: encrypted.

Alessi has also rescheduled the computer of an’auto Tesla to mine cryptocurrency.

Illicit activities related to cryptocurrency (graphic image)
Illicit activities related to cryptocurrency (graphic image)

Of all the technologies Rafale has tried, he says, the most profitable includes a combination of hacking computer internal Tesla, in addition to connecting the GPUs directly to the electric motor of theauto.

For his part, White Gibbs, CEO and founder of Compass, specializing in the mining of bitcoin, he explained that throughout the life of his auto it depends on the year in which he bought his auto.

However, he had to work 60 hours to get it bitcoin for a value of around $ 10, which is not worth it.

“Why would you want to put these devices on a ‘auto worth between $ 40 and $ 100,000? “he added.

Although the Rafale has to pay to charge his auto, thinks it’s worth it, as a charge ofauto, enough to cover a distance of 320 miles, costs about $ 10-15, for a total of $ 30-60 each. month and received a net return of between 400 and $ 800 per month in the last year of cryptocurrency mining.

He also sees an opportunity when Tesla can transform in a fully autonomous driving, which means its auto could be an automated taxi, or robo-taxi, which could earn additional rental revenue fromauto, as well as a sideline of crypto-mining.

The other thing is that Rafal is a subscriber to the “Midas.Investments” platform, which provides him with a guaranteed annual return of 23% on his investment in Ether mining, in addition to the fact that he only buys mining equipment. in cryptocurrency through the eBay platform.

Sommers, for his part, estimated that the amount of electricity a Tesla Model 3 could produce between 7 and 10 hertz / sec, and at 10 hertz it could produce just over $ 13 an hour.

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