A young man stabs his mother, her husband, their neighbor and the guard of the building

One man was killed and three wounded were brought in hospital early Sunday morning in Montreal after a 26-year-old man stabbed them with a sharp object, Canadian police said.

Police in Canada’s second largest city said they responded to an emergency call at 06:50 (1050 GMT) “concerning a man. in crisis” in an apartment in downtown Montreal. Police said in a statement that the suspect “stabbed” his mother and husband with a sharp object and then stabbed another person in a nearby apartment, as well as a building guard who tried to intervene.

The 72-year-old stepfather died on the spot while the three injured were taken in hospital, where one of them stays in critical conditions. Police said the suspect was arrested on the spot.

Canada recently saw an increase in the number of violent attacks and mass killings that have resulted in 43 deaths and 38 injuries since 2017.

These included a ramming attack by a truck driver against a Muslim family in London, Ontario, a fire attack by a man in Nova Scotia, a pedestrian ramming attack in Toronto and the killing of six faithful in a mosque in Quebec.