Sports Aaron Judge acknowledges deleting posts congratulating Jose Altuve on...

Aaron Judge acknowledges deleting posts congratulating Jose Altuve on 2017 AL MVP


Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge stated Tuesday that he erased old social media posts congratulating Jose Altuve on winning the 2017 American League MVP.

Yankees fans captured the removals back in January quickly after MLB commissioner Rob Manfred launched his report on the Astros’ sign- taking scandal, which revealed unlawful activity in2017 Judge, now with his club ahead of spring training, opened about why he chose to eliminate the posts from his Twitter and Instagram profiles.

Here’s a sample of the posts for referral:

“I took it down right when the story broke out, and right when Mike Fiers came out and talked to The Athletic and stated what was going on in 2017,” Judge stated. “When I heard that I was ill to my stomach. I had a great deal of regard for those people, what they did, and specifically what they provided for the city of Houston, which entire company for a team who remained in last location and prepared right, got the best players therein, and ultimately got the World Series. I had a great deal of regard for them … Then to discover it wasn’t made which they cheated, it didn’t agree with me, and I felt like the post I did didn’t imply the exact same any longer.”

Aaron Judge confesses he erased a tweet congratulating Jose Altuve on his 2017 AL MVP:

“They cheated, that didn’t sit well with me. That post didn’t mean the same anymore” qbpNme

— Yankees Videos (@snyyankees) February 18,2020

Those are strong words originating from the Yankees’ soft-spoken giant. It’s simple to see where Judge is coming from.

In 2017, Altuve directly took home the MVP over Judge by winning the batting title with a.346 batting typical and leading the Astros to a 101-61record There’s an engaging argument that Judge should have to win it as he led the AL in home runs (52) and ended up second behind just Mike Trout in on- base portion (.422), punching portion (.627) and RBIs (114).

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It’s reasonable to question not just if Judge would have won if it weren’t for the Astros’ unfaithful, however whether the Yankees would have had the ability to win the 2017 ALCS, instead of falling in 7 games to the ultimate World Series winners.

“I could sit up here and lie to you and say that I’ll forget about it and move on,” Judge stated, “but you’re always going to have that bad taste in your mouth.”

Judge likewise didn’t keep back his contempt for the method Manfred has actually managed the scandal, stating he believes the Astros ought to be removed of their title and players ought to be punished.

“I really wasn’t a fan of the punishment; I thought that was a little weak for a player-driven scheme, that no players involved got any punishments,” Judge stated. “When it boils down to a player-driven plan, I feel like the players included need to be penalized. If I head out there and cheat the game– I believe [Yu] Darvish was the one that stated, ‘If you’re playing in the Olympics, you win a gold medal and you discover you cheated, you do not get to keep that medal.'”

He even went on to hypothesize about the unpredictability surrounding the 2019 playoffs, in which the Astros once again knocked out the Yankees in the ALCS.

“It’s tough to think that it didn’t continue,” Judge stated. “I don’t know all the facts; nobody knows all the facts. So to think that they cheated and won it all in ’17, to think that they just clear-cut stopped the next — ’19 or ’18 — it’s tough for me to say that. But we’ll never really know, to be honest. I don’t think so.”

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