A’auto that changes color like a “chameleon” . New BMW in a market ignited by the competition

It may seem like a fantasy to change the external color of aauto without the need for a traditional painting process, but what if it were possible to do it at the touch of a button?

This is a feature that BMW is developing with the help of E Ink technology, and the German automaker has brought a color-changing prototype to CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Dubbed iX Flow, this electric SUV prototype uses E Ink’s electric technology to instantly change the exterior color.

How does the form work?

The iX has a special case that generates different color pigments on the surface through electrical stimulation. The color change effect can go from front to back, side to side, stripes, spots, etc. The “electronic ink” cover allows this adjustment, as published by the specialized Road Show website.

Running an E Ink has two main benefits. First, it opens the door to a whole new world of customization by enabling owners to auto to change the color and the design of theirs auto in based on mood, scenario or other motivation.

L’auto “it becomes an expression of the different moods and circumstances of daily life,” said Stella Clark, project manager by iX Flow.

Another advantage lies in the increased efficiency. On warm and sunny days, the auto white remain fresher than auto black, because they reflect more sunlight. Likewise, on cold days, the darker exterior colors help theauto to absorb more sunlight and therefore more heat.

BMW says this can reduce the amount of heating or cooling required to regulate the vehicle’s temperature on hot or cold days, which will improve overall operating efficiency even if the difference is small.

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