Abbie Quinnen says AJ Pritchard was wracked with guilt as her burns impacted relationship

Abbie Quinnen, 23, has admitted her relationship with former Strictly Come Dancing professional AJ Pritchard, 26, was impacted when she suffered a horrific fire accident at the beginning of this year. The dancer sustained third degree burns on her body and face after she was covered in flames when a YouTube stunt the couple were filming alongside AJ’s brother Curtis Pritchard, 25, went wrong.

The trio dipped a rope into a flammable chemical, wrapping it around the bottle and lighting a flame. 

However, the glass exploded during the dangerous stunt and engulfed Abbie’s upper body in flames, before she was rushed to hospital after suffering the accident.

Abbie has now revealed doctors have told her to wear a compression vest and stay out of the sunlight over the next couple of years to help her injuries and skin to heal.

She also explained that the frightening incident put a strain on her relationship with AJ, who felt wracked with “guilt” over her burns, as they only attempted the risky YouTube trick for his Instagram page.

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Abbie Quinnen

Abbie Quinnen says AJ Pritchard was wracked with guilt as her burns impacted relationship (Image: INSTAGRAM•ABBIEQUINNEN•ITV)

Abbie Quinnen

Abbie Quinnen sustained third degree burns on her body and face (Image: INSTAGRAM•ABBIEQUINNEN)


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Abbie admitted she initially pushed her boyfriend away, as she faced struggles over her injuries, and they began to argue.

She said: “I did everything to push him away from me. I felt so traumatised, I hit out at the person who loved me the most.”

The dancer went on to explain that although AJ was very supportive and tried to keep her optimistic despite the situation, she wondered why he wasn’t sharing in her heartbreak over the incident.

Abbie spent the night in intensive care while AJ and his brother Curtis waited outside the hospital, due to coronavirus restrictions.


Abbie Quinnen

Abbie Quinnen was rushed to hospital after suffering the accident (Image: GETTY)

Abbie Quinnen

AJ Pritchard looked after Abbie Quinnen after the accident (Image: INSTAGRAM•AJPRITCHARD)


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She was later transferred to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s Burns unit.

The dancer felt “embarrassed” about the way she looked and didn’t want AJ to see her as she was.

Five days later, he picked her up from the hospital and has since been helping her at home.

Recalling her time in hospital, Abbie revealed: “It was during lockdown, but the doctors decided I needed to have one visit. 

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“AJ came in to see me, but I refused to allow him into the room. I couldn’t bear for him to see me. 

“I also told him I wasn’t coming home; I was going to move back in to my mum’s. I just wanted to hide from the world – from everyone.”

Abbie continued to The Sun on Sunday’s Fabulous Magazine: “I remember that a few days after I’d been home, I started arguing with him. 

“I kept asking him why wasn’t he more upset by what had happened. 


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“He went downstairs and after five minutes I followed him. 

“He was standing in a room, making these awful animal crying noises, absolutely broken.”

She added: “He could barely speak. All he kept saying was, ‘I feel so guilty. It should have been me, not you.’ 

“He feels so guilty because we only tried that YouTube trick for his Instagram and I was the one that got hurt, and that was tearing him up inside.”

Although the couple faced difficulties after the accident, Abbie now feels her and AJ’s relationship has become stronger due to everything they’ve been through.

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