Abhinav Mukund is different with Sanjay Manjrekar’s opinion on R Ashwin calls India spinner a “legend”

Manjrekar, in an ESPNCricinfo showsaid: “Ravichandran Ashwin, with Respect him, i think he is a great Guy at what he does but when people start talk about him as one of die really big ones, I have a few problems with The.”

“One basic problem that i have with Ashwin is that if you look at SENA, die countries for Batsmen and bowlers, places where Indians are outside their comfort zone – it’s amazing that he doesn’t have a single fiver -wicket drag. Not one five-wicket drag in all these countries, “Manjrekar added Furthermore.

Different with Manjrekar’s opinion, said Mukundup Comedian Sorabh Pant on his YouTube channel ‘Wake Up With Sorabh’, “He just loves die game. Ashwin is actually a guy who become research all there is cricket. He just must be one of these very well prepared people who walk on to a cricket Field and so of shows in the way he mainly played in exam match cricket. He was fantastic. “

“I read an article today in to which Sanjay Manjrekar said: ‘I don’t think he’s a legend’. of the game’. I have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Manjrekar and say he’s a legend of the game because he holds several world Records.”

https: // www.youtube.com / watch? v = XShKRQD_HrY

“The charge against him is that it never occurred in SENA countries. But I think he had a fantastic tour of Australia. When you look at it way, And when you just look at you die number of five-wicket- hauling, die he’s taken and what influence he’s had as a leader, probably he is one of die Legends of the game in at least my opinion “, die left-handed batsman added.

At 409 wickets out of 78 tests, the Tamil Nadu cricketer is the fourth-highest wicket- takers for India. The senior tweaker is just behind Harbhajan Singh, Kapil Dev and Anil Kumble in these list.

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