Abi Ahmed calms down again. “The second filling won’t hurt.”

Two days after the second filling of the Renaissance dam and in Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed renewed his first comment on Thursday die Assuring the downstream countries of Egypt and Sudan that nothing will happen to them.

Ahmed added in to a tweet on Twitter: “To my sisters and brothers in the downstream countries die Second filling of the Ethiopian Renaissance dam on the Abay River completed on July 20, 2021, and as I told you in advance on July 9, Ethiopia filled its dam with caution and in a way during the rainy season die useful for preventing flooding from downstream land. “

And further: “I would like to assure you once again that this filling does not harm any of our countries. The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will remain a real asset and a symbol of mutual growth and cooperation. “

On Monday, Ethiopia announced that die Phase of the second filling of the Renaissance dam was completed and the Ethiopian official television released footage showing the passage of water from the top of the middle passage of the Renaissance dam.

The $ 4 billion dam did in Egypt and Sudan, die also depend on the water of the Nile, raised concerns about water scarcity and water security.

Last month, Egypt said it had received official notification from Ethiopia that it had started filling the reservoir for the second time, and Egypt confirmed that it categorically opposed the move.

There has been controversy since its inception

It is noteworthy that die downstream countries signed an agreement on die Negotiating the filling and operation of the dam, which Addis Ababa is preparing as the largest hydropower source in Africa, with an output of 6,500 megawatts, without reaching an agreement.

Abi Ahmed calms down again. “The second filling won’t hurt.”

Signed in March 2015 die Heads of State and Government of the three countries in Khartoum a policy statement, however die Differences persisted and erupted this month with Ethiopia beginning the reservoir’s second filling process.

Egypt sees in the dam poses a serious threat to its Nile water supply, from which it is fast completely depends. Sudan also expressed concern about die Dam safety and its impact on dams and water stations.

Long-term diplomatic efforts have not been successful in resolving the dispute between the three countries.
The United States also said that Ethiopia’s filling of the dam could increase tensions and urged all parties to refrain from unilateral action.

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