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Abi Ahmed warns the Tigray Liberation Front: save your life


On the battle front, today, Tuesday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered the forces of the Tigray Liberation Front to surrender, stressing the readiness to launch a decisive attack against them.

And Abi Ahmed pointed out, in an appeal to the forces of the front and to all those who joined them to surrender to save themselves, as he said.

He also added in a statement, from one of the fighting fronts, that his forces are putting the finishing touches to launch a decisive attack to destroy the Tigray Liberation Front, noting that they are now scattered in various regions.

“We will not leave what has been looted from the front”.

He continued: “We will repeat the victories the army achieved inarea of Chefra in the Afar region, and we will not leave anything plundered by the Tigray Liberation Front after it has entered the Amhara and Afar regions. “

He also went on to say: “As soon as we get a decisive victory that will break the thorn of the Tigray Liberation Front, he has been defeated and retreated, and there are still pockets that are trying to loot and flee.”

Furthermore, he stressed that “the Tigray Liberation Front pushed many of its young people to die in a useless and reckless war, and we were forced to enter in this war “.

Abi Ahmed leads the battles

On Sunday, the Ethiopian army announced control of the city of Chifra in the Afar region from the grip of the Tigray Liberation Front.

In his first appearance on Friday while leading the battles, the Ethiopian Prime Minister announced that the army forces have succeeded in liberating the Kasagita regions in the Afar region and that we are going to liberate the Burqa region.

Rebels loyal to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (AFP archive)

He also added that the Ethiopian army is currently moving towards the liberation of other areas in a large-scale military operation, considering that “the Tigray Liberation Front has no capacity to face the Ethiopian army”.

Abiy Ahmed has pledged to liberate all regions and cities in he entered the front, saying he “will not withdraw” until he confirms “the independence of Ethiopia”, pointing out that the forces of the Ethiopian army are at their best strength and morale.

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