Aboul Gheit puts in guard against continuing to kill Palestinians in cold blood

The secretary general of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, put in guard today, Wednesday, on the “consequences of targeting and killing Palestinians in cold blood”, calling on the international community to intervene to protect civilians among the Palestinian people and stop the Israeli killing machine.

Jamal Rushdi, the Secretary-General’s official spokesman, said: “Yesterday he witnessed the killing of five Palestinians in separate incidents at the hands of the occupation forces”.

Aboul Gheit said that “systematic escalation in act is not far from the rise of the Israeli right and its dominance of Israeli politics”, warning that “the emergence of extremely extremist elements on the political scene will have dangerous repercussions”.

He added: “Bringing the Palestinian people in a corner and threatening his safety in this dangerous way, and by depriving it of any political horizon to which it may aspire, can lead to a violent explosion of the situation which will not be in the interests of any party”.