About Afghans in India takes home ministry powers from ‘exit order’ over

About Afghans in India takes home ministry powers from ‘exit order’ over

The Ministry of the Interior rule said Afghan citizens in India will also have their visa extended at no cost.

New Delhi:

The Union Ministry of the Interior has taken away powers of Regional Registration Office for Foreigners where they can register every Afghan national leave india, in the background of the unstable situation in Afghanistan. right now decisions can only be taken by the ministry to stop possible harassment at the local level of Afghan nationals.

Afghanistan has been in unrest for more than a month when the Taliban in seized power forward of the withdrawal of the US troops after 20 years of activity. When the Taliban took Kabul, desperate burgers the airport in an attempt to out.

India has helped its nationals to out of the war-torn country. Prime Minister Narendra Modic also made the clear that the country will help Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan, as well as die who his friends”.

The new guidelines from the ministry die were released earlier this month says can’t the registry office issue exit orders of “Leave India notice” to an Afghan national.

“If anyone (any Afghan national) want to leave the country, they can go. But if a FRRO issues them ‘Notify India then such cases will be referred to MHA’, said one senior official of the home ministry.

According to him, this is an extra shield die is provided to them. “Any Afghan national who is alive in India will have this extra shelter under each category,” he said added.

Ministry guidelines insist that Afghan nationals die living in India on any category of visa will have their visa extended at no cost to further orders.

The home minister had before extended Visa for all foreigners until September 30. “All foreigners who are stuck in India since the outbreak of the pandemic, have had their visas extended free of costsaid another official.

According to the guidelines of the Union Ministry of the Interior, after September 30, if these Afghan nationals want to study, she need to apply on the e-mailportal of FRRO.

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