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Abramovich does not benefit from sale proceeds "Chelsea"

The office of Russian businessman Roman Abramovich confirmed that he did not benefit from the sale of the Chelsea football club and is not involved in their distribution.

And the businessman’s press service explained in an interview with the Russian TASS agency that “after the sale of the club, the money did not go to Abramovich’s account and is still at the disposal of the British authorities.”

“Mr. Abramovich does not have access to this money and is not involved in its distribution,” he added.

He pointed out that before the deal, Abramovich expressed his desire that all the money be transferred to a charitable foundation to support the victims of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on both sides, adding that “we are talking exclusively about humanitarian assistance to the population.” .”

It is noteworthy that on March 10, the British authorities imposed sanctions against Roman Abramovich in connection with the Russian military operation in Ukraine and froze all his assets in the UK.

In May, the English Premier League administration approved the sale of the London club Chelsea, which Abramovich bought in 2003 for £140 million, to a consortium of American businessman Todd Boyle.

The deal was valued at £4.25bn, of which £2.5bn was paid for the club and £1.75bn invested in its development.

Source: TASS


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