Absolutely ridiculous, witch hunts must stop: Vaughan on Investigation into alleged racist tweets

The land is whiteball Skipper Eoin Morgan and wicketkeeper batsman Jos Buttler are investigated by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) after their tweets, die Indians mocked, showed up on the social media on Wednesday.

“No one back then of Morgan, Buttler, and Anderson’s tweets seemed offended by the time they tweeted, but it’s amazing how they seem now offensive a few years later !!!!!! Totally ridiculous … The witch hunt has started but has to stop, ”Vaughan tweeted.

The contributions, in die Buttler and Morgan used the word ‘sir’ to die Mocking Indians began with this rounds on social media after this die ECB had suspended the pacemaker Ollie Robinson for something of his offensive Tweets dating back until 2012-13.

According to one report, “screenshots” also been shared of a message from Buttler in die he says ‘I always reply Sir # 1 else like me like you like me ‘and morgan contains butlers separately in a message, die says, ‘Sir, you are my favorite bat’. “

A homophobic tweet dating back until 2010 from veteran Pacemaker James Anderson did also surfaced. The ECB has promised “relevant and appropriate measures” and stated that every case will be examined on an individual basis.

Buttler and Morgan both feature in die Indian Premier League (IPL) with the former playing for die Rajasthan Royals and the latter leading die Kolkata Knight Riders.

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