Abu Dhabi Police Uncover Massive Captagon Drug Bust in Canned Food

Abu Dhabi police arrested a person who tried to smuggle 4.5 million tablets of the drug ‘Captagon’ into food in box preserved, before smuggling started in one of the sister countries. secret sources, in particular to the Directorate, on the defendant’s intention to introduce a large quantity of Captagon tablets into the UAE, in preparation of their contraband in one of the sister countries.

He explained that the drug squad was monitoring the moment in which the accused has arrived in one of the ports in the state and imported a large quantity of cans of preserved green beans and managed to extract them as foodstuffs.Emirates emptied cans of beans in preparation to hide the drug inside .

He added that the professionalism of the control elements led to the failure of the defendant’s plan and the seizure of approximately 4.5 million tablets of the narcotic Captagon and of the tools used for the preparation, processing and packaging of narcotic substances for trafficking and promotion.

He stressed the high capacity and capabilities of the Abu Dhabi Police by using the best modern methods and means to deal with drug dealers, who do not hesitate to use various criminal methods to leak their poison to society and target the youth , underlining the importance of partnership and cooperation with relevant institutions and various segments of society to prevent the dangers of drugs, emphasizing that every person should embody the concept of positive citizenship by not hesitating to report any information related to drug problems.

He considered the number of seizures a positive indication of the Abu Dhabi Police’s efforts in curbing drug promotion and weakening its drug dealers and smugglers to carry out their criminal schemes, expressing his pride in the fruitful efforts made by the men control, and their high responsiveness and speed of response in cooperation and in tackling the scourge of drugs, and protecting society, in especially the youth, by its deadly effects, commending coordination and cooperation with anti-drug men in Umm Al Quwain Emirate, in order to intensify preventive efforts against crime and consolidate the security and stability of society.