Abu Dhabi Ports Group Establishes Safeen Dry Docks for Shipbuilding and Maintenance Services in UAE

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The Abu Dhabi Ports Group has announced the establishment of the “Safeen Dry Docks” company through a joint venture venture with Premier Engineering Services, specialized in shipbuilding and ship repair services, based in the United Arab Emirates. Ownership of the project is split 51% for Abu Dhabi Ports Group and 49% for Premier Services Marine Engineering.

New Project Announcement

The new project will provide a wide range of vital services, including floating vessel maintenance and vessel construction and refurbishment.

Operations Center Details

The Safeen Drydocks operations center is located in Khalifa Harbor and will include a 45,000 square meter shipyard and repair facility, a 350 square meter floating vessel repair quay and a floating dry dock for maintenance and ship renovation, according to WAM.

Timeline and Current Work

The floating dry dock should go in in operational in July 2023. As for the shipyard, it has already started work with the construction of two ferries for customers in the Emirates: bulk carriers and container carriers, offshore vessels and cranes.

Benefits of Joint Venture

Through the new joint ventureAbu Dhabi Ports Group will benefit from its global position and experience in the field of logistics, industry and maritime trade, as well as allocating aarea of the docking wall of the port of Khalifa for the development and operation of the new service centre.

Technical Expertise and Sustainability

Premier Marine, in turn, will contribute its technical knowledge and expertise to help customers build, repair and maintain ships and other marine assets. in environmentally sustainable way. Together, the two entities will serve the needs of the Seven Group’s maritime fleet, as well as the needs of a wider regional and global customer base, including the maritime and offshore sectors.

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