Abu Dhabi … Reducing the work of government employees at their headquarters to 30%

The Abu Dhabi government has obligated government employees to examine Corona once a week, announcing that the attendance of government and semi-government institutions in Abu Dhabi will be reduced to 30% in the context of measures to prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The Government Support Department approved the implementation of the urban work system at a rate of 30% in government and semi-government agencies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, starting on Sunday, February 7, in order to enhance the preventive measures applied in the emirate and to preserve the health of employees and their families.

The department decided to implement a remote work system for jobs that can be performed completely from outside the workplace, and for employees over the age of 60 years, those with chronic diseases and weak immunity, and people of determination.

By its decision, the department made it mandatory to conduct a weekly PCR examination for all employees, with the exception of those vaccinated in the national vaccination programs and volunteers in clinical studies of the vaccine whose special condition (letter E or golden star) appears on the application of the fort.

On the other hand, the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Committee resulting from the Corona pandemic in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi announced the adoption of a preventive health protocol for the school community, including academic and administrative staff and students, that will be applied in all schools in the emirate until the end of the school year.

The committee, in cooperation with the departments of health and “education and knowledge”, reviewed the existing precautionary measures, evaluated them and updated them, in line with the developments of the “Covid-19” virus, in order to ensure the safety of students and educational and administrative staff. The committee also held workshops for school principals to raise awareness. With this protocol and to ensure that it is followed when students return to school.

Accordingly, the committee confirmed that students of all levels of education would be allowed to be admitted to schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, starting from February 14th, with the option of “remote education” available until the end of the school year.

60% of the academic and administrative cadres received the first dose of the “Covid-19” vaccine during a 10-day campaign at the end of last month in Abu Dhabi, while vaccination will continue for all eligible groups in the coming weeks.

The committee urged all school community members to adhere to all precautionary measures and vaccination against “Covid-19” to contribute to securing comprehensive and sustainable protection for them and the community in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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