According to a Journalist, The Next Playstation Showcase Date Has Been Revealed

The next PlayStation Showcase will take place sooner rather than later, which is excellent news for PlayStation fans eager to learn more about their preferred gaming console. The information provided by journalist Jeff Grubb suggests that Sony will hold a PlayStation Showcase on May 25.

According to a Journalist, The Next Playstation Showcase Date Has Been Revealed_

It is still being determined what will be presented at the showcase; this aspect is still up in the air. However, some games that are possible to anticipate include Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, prospective news on an exclusive contract between PlayStation and Konami, and games that are likely to be compatible with PlayStation VR.

Additionally, Sony is hard at work on various new console-specific improvements, such as new iterations of the PlayStation 5, a new handheld, and earphones. It is still being determined if Sony will discuss them during a PlayStation Showcase or whether the company will wait to make any remarks regarding those matters until a separate hardware event.

One important disclaimer is that Grubb stated that the showcase that would take place the week of May 25 is “right as of now.” The fact that it was released before Sony was ready to announce it leaves the possibility that the corporation would change the date.

Regardless of the circumstances, though, it cannot be denied that Sony is working on something for the PlayStation.

What kinds of things are you hoping the upcoming PlayStation Showcase will highlight?

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