According to Snitch, Playstation Will ‘Very Soon’ Announce ‘3rd Party’ Content

The retired Snitch has hopped into his now-public Discord server and unleashed significant information. A trustworthy source claims that PlayStation will soon announce third-party content availability. Still, there is little more information available right now.

According to Snitch, Playstation Will 'Very Soon' Announce '3rd Party' Content

This is compelling information because many projects in the works would be ideal for this, including the Metal Gear Solid remake, which is supposed to be announced soon. The mysterious claim has already sparked a discussion in social circles, and the assumption mill produces theories left and right.

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

The Snitch might have written the comment, then. Even so, it isn’t technically his leak because it comes from a source he considers to be trustworthy.

The Snitch boldly proclaimed his retirement from news leaks and broke a month ago. We’ll take the cautious approach and assume he’s still thoroughly enjoying his time away from the action.

According to Snitch, Playstation Will 'Very Soon' Announce '3rd Party' Content

The focus is now on the rumored PlayStation “3rd party items,” which may be released soon. There are strong rumors that it might be a Metal Gear Solid remaster, which is almost certainly true.

This might indicate that Sony is getting ready to host another State of Play event; the most recent one was in September. At the previous State of Play event, which took place more than five months ago, Tekken 8, a brand-new God of War Ragnarok video, and significant PS VR2 project updates were all revealed.

According to Snitch, Playstation Will 'Very Soon' Announce '3rd Party' Content

It would be a smart competitive move for Sony to launch the State of Play, putting up some delectable third-party disclosures given that there is an Xbox showcase, also known as the “Developer Direct” show, coming on the 25th of January.