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Accused of Kiev; Moscow Publishes a Horrific Video of the Execution of 10 Russian Prisoners of War

In a new video, the Russian Defense Ministry has accused Ukrainian soldiers of committing a massacre against Russian prisoners of war and has released scenes it says contain prove of the mass slaughter they carried out against their soldiers.

On Friday, Russia said Ukrainian forces brutally executed 10 Russian POWs, amid escalations and mutual accusations between the two sides.

The Russian Defense Ministry also said in a statement that the Ukrainian military executed “10 Russian prisoners of war by shooting them directly in the head”, condemning what it called a “war crime”.

“No one can regard the deliberate and systematic killing of more than a dozen Russian soldiers by shooting them directly in the head as a tragic exception,” the statement continued.

In the statement, he indicated that his forces are dealing with Ukrainian soldiers who have announced their surrender to Russian forces, in compliance with all requirements of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

This came after the pioneers of the sites of social network and gods media they circulated video clips, which Russia claimed showed the bodies of dead Russian soldiers, after they had just surrendered, lying on the ground.

Moscow had accused Kiev forces of executing 39 loyalists in the city of Kherson.

A member of the Russian militia “Wagner” was brutally executed by mercenaries affiliated with the same company on treason charges after he defected from it and joined the Ukrainian forces, according to a video recording released on social media.

According to reports from the mediaRussian and Ukrainian sides have exchanged allegations over the party executing former “Wagner” member Yevgeny Nozhin (55), especially since he sided with Ukrainian forces last September and appeared on Ukrainian media revealing the violations of the “Wagner” mercenaries in Ukraine.

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