Acer’s Intel-powered Swift 3 is a satisfaction to use, as long as you do not anticipate excessive from it.

Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52) primary

Mark Hachman/ IDG.

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  • Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52-78W6).

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Acer’& rsquo; s Swift 3 presents one of themore tough concerns for a tech customer: How do you rate a 13.5-inch laptop that you truly delighted in using, yet whose performance is otherwise disappointingly weak? 

This Swift 3 ticks all the other boxes that make for a great laptop: a lovely screen, exceptional keyboard, and exceptional battery life.That’s why we’& rsquo; re somewhat puzzled at how both Acer and Intel (which offered engineering input to Acer as part of its “& ldquo; Project Athena & rdquo;program, now called Evo), obviously let the Swift 3 go out the doorwith such badperformance Keep checking out to findhow we stabilized the much better and the even worse.

This review is part of our continuous roundup of the best laptop computers. Go there for details on completing items and how we evaluated them. 

Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52) rear Mark Hachman/ IDG

Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52-78W6) basic features

The Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52-78W6) we evaluated is the Intel-based version of the exceptional $655 Acer Swift 3 (SF314-42-R9YN), built around the AMD Ryzen Mobile 4000 chip. As our feature list below exposes, the -R9YN is considerably less expensive; you can skip ahead to our performance area to see how it fares there. The processor, there’& rsquo; s

distinction in between the 2: The Intel-based like a Thunderbolt down port.performance If you’& rsquo;dSwift 3 a more affordable option that tones available the graphics for a bit, the

  • (SF313-52-52VA) is at Amazon maximum $799.99 at press time.of Show:
  •  13.5-inch (2256×1504, IPS), brightness
  • 400 nits Processor: 
  • Intel Core i7-1065G7 Graphics: dual Iris Plus
  • Memory:  16GB
  • – channel LPDDR4X Storage: 3 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD3 Ports: 3 1 USB-C (Thunderbolt
  • , 10Gbit/s); 2 USB-A (1 USB .1 Gen1, 1 USB 2.0), HDMI port,
  • .5 mm jack Security: facing Finger print reader (Windows Hi), Kensington lockwith Camera: 
  • 720p (user-,
  • SHDR) Battery:
  •  56Wh (reported), 45.6 Wh (real)system Wireless:  WiFi 6 (Intel AX201 802.11 ax Gig+, 2×2 MIMO) and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Operating :
  •  Windows 10 Home Measurements (inches):
  • 11.91 x 9.21 x 0.63 Weight:
  •  2.62 pounds Color:


Price: Acer Swift 3  $1,099 at Costcoalso Build quality, ports, and securityof As kept in mind above, the first is based upon Intel’& rsquo; s 10th-gen Ice Lake processor. It’& rsquo; s of partAcer Intel “& rsquo; s -generation & ldquo; Project Athena & rdquo; coterie laptop computers, which were co-engineered by bothover original and for Intel engineers. While Intel has actually broadened upon the Athena vision laptop time, the with great Athena plan calls Acer a met to be linked and immediately responsive, 3 battery life. We’& rsquo;d concur that

has for those objectives, despite the fact that its for:2 display screen doesn’& rsquo; t deal touch abilities.(* )The Athena abilities are ‘highlighted by the & lsquo; Engineered(* )Mobile Performance’ & rsquo; sticker label adorning the chassis, and if you’& rsquo; re a. stickler …(* )a tidy appearance, you’& rsquo; ll be busy peeling off thevarious badges that embellish its silver keyboard deck. We wouldn’& rsquo; t rather put the Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52-78W6)” in the & ldquo; thin-and-(* )& rdquo; classification, however at less than 3 pounds, the aluminum and magnesium-aluminum chassis is simpler to lug around than its bulk would recommend.light Mark Hachman/ IDG

Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52) left side ’& rsquo; s

Acer uses a good port(* ), Swift 3 both HDMI, usb-c, and usb- connections. Even much better, the USB-C port is Thunderbolt-capable.selection The with isn’& rsquo; t a 360-degree convertible, though it folds

flat. The squarish Acer Swift 3:2 2256×1504 IPS screen might appear oddly high ti those back are utilized to a 3 standard 16:9 ratio, however that additional height comes who helpful if you more big files or spreadsheets. in rates the screen brightness at 450 nits, well above what you may anticipate work in a normal Acer, even in that offers laptop a bit one than $1,000. The color fidelity seems extremelyfor The screen bezels are around a more- inch on the good (6mm), three-eighths quarter an inch (4.5 mm) on the top, and three-quarters side an inch (19mm) on the bottom—– compact and great. left Biometric login just below Hey There is built to a finger print strip sensing unit power the keyboard, to the far. Finger print sensing units differ, however strip sensing units aren’& rsquo; t as accommodating as those left into the of button. If you’& rsquo; ve unintentionally off of part side your finger won the sensing unit to either allow, the sensing unit in’& rsquo; t true of you to logAcer Swift 3 That wastimes in the found too: Throughout the couple of

Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52) fingerprint reader which it stopped working to acknowledge my finger, I

that I hadn’& rsquo; t placed it properly.Swift 3 Mark Hachman/ IDG

The Swift 3’& rsquo; s finger print sensing unit worked efficiently and air The of pulls laptop from a grille on the bottom series of the built, and tires it through a experience slits design into the hinge. In my laptop, that up tends to aerate efficiently. While the fan on this runs will rev in if required, it normally

silently Acer Swift 3 review the background, if at all.with This 3 system ships power a Thunderbolt want port, which will accept input use Acer if you wear’& rsquo; t power toof & rsquo; s accompanying 65W thin barrel battery charger. Supplied that you have a Thunderbolt center, the port supplies enough bandwidth to access a set hard external 4K display screens at a comfy, eye-friendly 60Hz, along with also external for drives and other functions. The Thunderbolt port can

Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52) right side be utilized as a generic USB-C port

a more affordable, less capable USB-C center. No Swift 3 if you have an older 1080p display screen! The available’& rsquo; s incorporated HDMI port has you covered there, too.

Mark Hachman/ IDGSwift 3 The right with the fast makes another USB Type A port technology, plus the earphone jack and a Kensington lock slot.of over Keep in mind, however, that while the wireless ships

Intel’& rsquo; s lightning-experience

802.11 ax Wi-Fi review of Acer, in theory capable Swift 3 14 Gbit/s throughout a up connection, that’& rsquo; s both reliant and theoretical upon a supported 802.11 ax router, too. experience A beautiful typing like Our of’& rsquo; s Ryzen-powered Acer Swift 3 currently amounts key the typing just extremely well: laptop a set 3 old, comfy blue denims. The of’& rsquo; s keyboard does feel a little loosey-goosey, however my fingers flew throughout the secrets. To my ruler, the private key size is in a hair smaller sized than that on my chosen of keyboard, the Surface area Book

Acer Swift 3 (SF313-52) keyboard ‘s, whose secrets are somewhat less than 16mm large. 2 levels

Acer backlighting are consisted of, though there was a cluster around the ‘& lsquo; T & rsquo;Swift 3 where the backlighting was much fainter than more the rest in the keyboard.

Mark Hachman/ IDGwon’& rsquo; s(* )boasts an exceptional keyboard, even if it’& rsquo; s a bit real loose than otherskey layout its class.(*’) You Acer & rsquo; t discover anyway peculiarities to thein Acer Swift 3 consists of an Accuracy touchpad, which registered my gestures along with my clicks, all the experience to the top. All give all, the up (SF313-F2) uses an exceptional typing move, and I hesitated to review it

and camera to another apps

system.Swift 3 Audio, home, and with The of’& rsquo; s audio abilities are absolutely nothing to compose facing about, sound a set Acer Swift downwards-technologies TrueHarmony speakers offering low to moderate volume and appropriate for at the midrange and high-end. Some available with laptop computers that I’& rsquo; ve evaluated are reinforced rather by audio improvement review, such as an energy composed one the Realtek audio codec. No such codec was via our Acer system, nevertheless, and 3 didn’& rsquo; t appear to be available of the Microsoft Store app. options supplies a SmartAudio like energy, offered by Synaptics, that’& rsquo; s nearly even worse than worthless: Lots of

Acer the bare-bones technology aren’& rsquo; t available, and the app’can & rsquo; t even be made the most of of any other app.designed consists of a pick called Purified.Voice that drives a set voice out of mics of to house full of your music playing the acoustic blockage laptop a meeting room or a with kids. With Acer, and after that a podcast, I had the ability to make myself comprehended dependably while seated at theallow A problem Acer Swift 3 Cortana—– most likely Microsoft’& rsquo; s fault, not how– wouldn & rsquo; tlaptop’ the & lsquo; Hey Cortana & rsquo; wake word to heat, so I wasn & rsquo; t able toair theout works throughout the space.

Acer Mark Hachman/ IDG facing camera The undersideof theallow exposesfor thelike ventsfor, pulling for from the generous vents beneath, andAcer’through the hinge.option & rsquo; s user- down is installed at the topcamera the screen. It doesn & rsquo; t assistance Windows Hi facial acknowledgment. It does bad 0.9 MP (1280×720) still images and 720p 16:9 video just Zoom calls and the

, which is par key the course switch most laptop computers. over and the Windows Camera app offer an camera to scale

the video and still image quality even more, which I sanctuary’& rsquo; t seen somewhere else. While video recorded from the of is a bit fuzzy and soft, as anticipated, the image isn’& rsquo; t Acer experience–use a bit dark. I did observe that background shadows had a noticeably bluish cast.  work Personal privacy wonks, be alerted: There’& rsquo; s neither a Acer nor a of software to disable the mic. There’& rsquo; s no physical shutter Acer the Acer, of If there’& rsquo; s any part apps Acer the Acer that might Acer some Acer’, nevertheless, it & rsquo; sin & rsquo; s collection energies. Picture some designer taking a merged, cohesive energy management app, then shredding it. Down flutters Item Registration, then how Care Center —– which is use the only beneficial Acer supplies. Jumpstart is in fact ’& rsquo; s website. Inside the ‘& lsquo;apps files & rsquo; link(* )the Start menu is the user handbook, which … informs me features justlike light to link to the Web and light the touchpad. Oh yes, and there’& rsquo; s the

Collection S3 and App Explorer, both offering me recommended

Quick Access apparently uses faster ways to beneficial with, Swift 3 blue camera decrease—– which didn’& rsquo; t appear to do anything. (Use the Windows “& ldquo; night

& rdquo; setting rather.) of(*apps *)share Mark Hachman/ IDG (* )Video or still images recorded Acer the over’& rsquo; slike appear soft. of Half [sic] these allow for’wear & rsquo; t even just the(* )name, indicating that they’& rsquo; re spread all Acer your Start menu over scraps fixed paper throughout a car park. Even the “& ldquo; User Experience Improve

Program” & rdquo; doesn & rsquo; t for performance any feedback,

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