Act Now! Apple Alerts Users to Update Their Devices

Tech giant Apple released a new iOS 16 update this week to fix security flaws in its system that have now been included in the National Security Alert list.

And it issued a statement urging users to update to iOS 16.3.1, indicating that in Without the update, attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to control an out-of-date device.

And the update includes all Apple devices: iPhone, Mac and iPad.

One of the problems lies with Webkit, a safari browser engine that has allowed hackers to run arbitrary code on an iPhone that Apple believes has been done, according to the Daily Mail.

The second kernel security flaw could also allow an attacker to take over privileges, but Apple doesn’t really know whether or not this flaw was used.

For iPhone 8 and later models

And Apple said in its warning to request an update to the latest version of its system, that the updated operating system is only available for iPhone models 8 and above, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

iOS 16.3.1 includes more bug fixes, iCloud and Siri issues, and further crash detection improvements.

It’s unclear how much vulnerabilities in the devices have been compromised, as Apple says it “does not disclose, discuss or confirm security issues until an investigation is conducted and there are patch or release”.

Instead of getting a code from another Apple device you’re signed in to, you can generate a code with your own token safety.

And Advanced Data Protection enables end-to-end encryption of your data in iCloud, including messages, device backups, and photos.


To install the new iOS, users can access the Settings app and tap General, then Update software and tap Install if iOS 16.3.1 update is available for your downloadyou will be guided through the steps to verify the resolution and restart the device.

The update can also be installed on a computer Mac or Windows using iTunes.

It is recommended to back up your iPhone before installing iOS 16 to ensure all data is safe in iCloud if something goes wrong during the update.