Activists apologize for $ 14.92 “Colonialist” donation email

The group behind the anti-Trump “flounder hat” march apologized to donors for solicit donations of $ 14.92 in an email. The number has apparently been taken by some as a reference to Columbus’s transatlantic voyage.

“We deeply apologize for the email that was sent today. $ 14.92 was our donation media amount this week,” the women’s march group tweeted. “It was an oversight on our part for not making the aa connection year of colonization, conquest and genocide for indigenous people, especially before Thanksgiving ”.

The email in the question would have cited the supposedly problematic sum in the object and encouraged recipients to donate the same amount. 1492 is the year when the first expedition led by Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic to discover a number of Caribbean islands, including Cuba and Hispaniola.

The women’s march is born in 2017 in response to the elections of Donald Trump as President of the United States. That year, managed to organize a record- stop the protest on the day after its inauguration. Activists used pink “flounder hats” as a visual symbol of their attitude towards the GOP politician, whom they consider a misogynist and bigoted person.

The organization’S mission declaration says And “Engaged in the dismantling of systems of oppression through nonviolent resistance e building inclusive structures guided by self-determination, dignity and respect “.

The apologies have attracted a lot of mockery from the right. Tweet like the one posted by Women’s March make life challenging for the conservative satirical news website Babylon Bee, it is senior writer, Frank Fleming, noted. “His like trying to satire on a comedy “, He said.

Ari Fleischer, who served as the White House press secretary under George W. Bush, he suggested that donors should “chip in and turn up the amount at $ 17.76 “ to do the group lose your mind. He was referring to the year the declaration of Independence was signed.

An answer mocked the introduction of the apologies pointing out which was dated 19:33. In 1933, Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany, which charted the country’s course towards carrying out unspeakable atrocities under the Nazi regime.

More political attention towards specific years in we history pink with the New York Times draft of 1619. It takes its name from the year when the first African slaves were dispatched on American soil, he tried to reformulate the US history through a lens of ingrained racism. Some supporters of That view argue that 1619 should be considered the year that America was founded, that them conservative opponents race lit.

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