activists call on United Nations propose climate conference in Glasgow out

The global Climate Action Network (CAN) has a call Tuesday to postpone the upcoming United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, citing concern over safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic and global inequality in access to vaccination.

Coming to the end of a summer die has been dramatically extreme weather events as heat waves, drought-induced famine, raging wildfires and drenched hurricanes, the two-week conference, die is scheduled to begin on November 1 has come to be seen as humanity’s last best chance take a hit global agreement to try to avert catastrophic climate change.

Originally scheduled to occur last year, but postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the meeting will lean heavily on the findings of an alarming August report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change die makes the time run out out for humanity substantially reduce emission of greenhouse gasses.

The leading global climate activism network, die the . coordinates international efforts for climate advocacy of about 1,500 member organizations, CAN is concerned that many delegates, activists and journalists from developing countries countries, where vaccines remain are scarce, may not be able to be safely present. And they claim that since climate change is falling the fastest on poorer countries, negotiations die exclude any of their representatives will lead to an unjust agreement.

“Of just with two months to go, it is clear that a safe, inclusive and just global climate conference is impossible given the failure until support the access to vaccines to millions of people in arm countries, the rising cost of travel and accommodation, and the uncertainty in the course of the Covid19 pandemic”, CAN, including: member organizations such as Amnesty International and Greenpeace, said: in his statement.

The government of the United Kingdom, which hosts the summit, responded with a statement urging event could be kept safe.

activists call on United Nations propose climate conference in Glasgow out

The SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, one of the planned locations for the UN conference over climate change. (Andrew Milligan/PA images) via Getty Images)

“We work tirelessly with all our partners, including the Scottish government and the UN, to ensure an inclusive, accessible and safe summit in Glasgow with an extensive set of COVID mitigation measures,” says Alok Sharma, the presidential candidate of COP26, the official name for this year’s UN climate negotiations.

While a majority of Americans and residents of Western Europe countries have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, are many developing countries in been able to administer doses up to 2 percent of their population. The UK has promised to vaccinate all registered visitors but has not yet actually distributed the vaccines.

While some member organizations personally hope that the conference will not be delayed, they are united in their attempt to pressure the British government to make good on his promises of access.

“You are” up against the clock, it’s the last minute for people get vaccinated in time,” said a source from an organization that belongs to CAN who requested anonymity. “The goal of this is to really push hard for the UK to do what they said they would do to make it possible for people attend honestly.”

That effort can already produce results. The British government’s answer to CAN’s statement contained a previously unannounced plan that “delegates” who have registered for a vaccine via the accreditation process are set until begin receiving their first dose this week.”

But CAN said just won’t be enough, noting that there are others challenges for development participants countries, even if they can be vaccinated.

“It’s incredibly challenging for some of U.S colleagues to be there anyway,” Natalie Lucas, a spokesperson for The US Climate Action Network, CAN’s US subsidiary, told Yahoo News. “People of the Islands in the Pacific ocean, who are some of most in danger of climate change, have to travel through New Zealand and Australia, die a number of of the most severe COVID rules in the world. … A lot of people to have just said we can’t. the logistics challenges there are too many.”

A COVID-19 vaccine is being administered

A COVID-19 vaccine is being administered on a vaccine canister in Glasgow, Scotland, in July. (Andy Buchanan/AFP via Getty Images)

Luke also argued that global traveling at the moment, the risk of viral transmission, even among vaccinated people, die can in play lead until more dangerous infections in the unvaccinated. “Some of this countries Which people to go home to not have significant vaccine distribution,” she said.

The hold event virtually is not a good option or, according to Lucas, since the groundwork for making all various meetings accessible is not laid. “Because we’ve been so focused on inperson, there is no plan to virtual institution,” she said. “We’ve heard from developing countries that they don’t” want it will be virtual.”

If the climate negotiations are not delayed, it CAN still happen plans to send staff members to the lobby for an ambitious and fair agreement.

Yet CAN hopes that a large majority of Residents of every country will be vaccinated someday next year and that the negotiations occur then. But if the pandemic has learned us everything so far, it’s that no one can predict what the world will look like just over a few months.


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