Actor Raghav Tiwari recalls his modelling days

Mumbai, March 26 (IANS) Actor Raghav Tiwari, who was seen playing a protagonist Aditya in his acting debut show ‘Hamari Wali Good News’, is in his hometown Jaipur to host a fashion show.

The actor remembers his modeling days and says: “Fashion Industry has always been very fascinating, glamorous and glittery. But it has own merits and demerits. In my initial days I started my career as a model. Though I was not tall enough to be a ramp model but I use to get a hell lot of print projects. Modelling grooms your personality and improves the way you carry yourself and gives you a confidence boost.”

Raghav feels modeling is taxing.

He says: “Modelling as a job is very taxing. When I started working as a newbie print model, I use to get atleast 100 to 150 changes with not an average pay which was inhuman. Even for ramp models its very taxing to maintain a certain lean physique and walking for different different shows. Modelling is very competitive plus age restricted too.”

He says at the time there is not much scope left for people pursuing modelling.

“I also feel that few years ago there was a wave of models getting recognition and fame. Veterans like John Abraham, Muzamil Abrahim, Dino Morea, Arjun Rampal among others who are at the top. But now we hardly get to know about upcoming models. So, I believe we have hell lot of talented people in Modeling stream too and they deserve the push in the industry,” he concludes.

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