Actress fined $122,000 in legal win for Trump

Hours after being tried in Manhattan, the United States Court of Appeals in California ordered actress Stormy Daniels to pay former President Donald Trump’s $122,000 legal fees in legal fees in a defamation case that he lost, what Trump considered a legal victory. The former president got this win against Daniels Hours after being found guilty in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday in relation to payments in money to star during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered Daniels to pay Trump $121,972 in attorneys’ fees stemming from a defamation lawsuit filed against him in 2018 and later dismissed, as well as more than another $500,000 that the court says. he had ordered to pay, according to the New York Post.

In this regard, Trump commented through his “Truth Social” account, “The Ninth Circuit Court just awarded me $122,000.”

The case dates back to when Daniels alleged that a man whose name she did not mention threatened her and asked her to leave in pace Trump after speaking in an interview with “In Touch Magazine” in 2011 about her relationship with the American billionaire in 2006, although the magazine did not publish her interview.

In 2018, Trump accused Daniels of lying about “the man whose name you didn’t mention” and his threats, describing what he did as fraud, which prompted questlast to report it.

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