Adam Sandler explains how he felt about being fired from Saturday night live!

Adam Sandler explains how he felt about being fired from Saturday night live!

Nowadays, whether you like it or hate it, Adam Sandler is a big name in comic blockbusters. You may not remember very often that he had already been fired from Saturday Night Live! It was before he became so famous in Hollywood and now, the actor explains that his experience was abandoned by SNL!

This is not the first time he talks about it, and oddly enough, he even mentioned it in his monologue Saturday Night Live in May, when he had the chance to host the comedy show.

During his stint at the Howard Stern Show, Adam explained how he felt about being fired from such a long and iconic comedy show as early in his career.

He mentioned this now, he realizes what SNL did for him but “At the time, I was hurt because I did not know what else to do. At the time, it was not the decision of Lorne [Michael]. The head of NBC, I know he did not like our gang. “

Sandler also recalled that his late friend and former co-actor Chris Farley, who had also been fired, had a similar reaction.

“I was probably sad to have concealed my sadness by saying,” Oh, thank you. But I remember my visit to Farley. He told me, “Me too. They do not want me either. “We were both:” F ** k this s ** t. “We both got angry and we pretended not to be sad and pretended it was for the best.”

Well, it turned out that it was really for the best!

Adam Sandler went on to some of the best-known films on the planet!


Despite the fact that everything went well at the end, he still did not forget why he was fired, so he called the whole conversation back during the interview.

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