Adding Male Haircuts to Splatoon 3: Fan Raises €3,200 and Buys Nintendo Shares to Make a Change

Haircut is Expensive

Exactly a year ago (within two days), Nintendo released the third episode of its Splatoon license on Nintendo Switch. Acclaimed by players and critics thanks to its gameplay, which is still as exhilarating, as well as its customization options like never before, the game delighted most fans who continue to confront each other with great paint-thrower battles.

However, not all fans were satisfied with these famous customization options. If Splatoon can especially boast of its original and devilishly fun concept, fans of the saga also appreciate all the aesthetics that surround the franchise. With its colorful half-child half-octopus hybrid characters, Splatoon has always gone all out on the variety of clothing available to allow its players to fight in style. Unfortunately, it is noticeable that while there are many clothing options, the same cannot be said for haircuts, especially those with a more masculine style.

In any case, this is what prompted a Splatoon fan to want to contact Nintendo in order to change the situation. After sending several unanswered letters, the fan decided to take it up a notch and raise no less than €3,200 to buy shares in the Japanese firm and gain access to the shareholders’ meeting. This expensive yet effective way allowed the fan to make their voice heard directly to Shuntaro Furukawa, the current president of Nintendo.

Can We Expect New Haircuts in Splatoon 3?

But did this fan manage to convince Shuntaro Furukawa to add male haircuts to Splatoon 3? While the fan was heard by the president, who found the question a bit too long for their taste, Furukawa did not provide a concrete answer. Therefore, it is currently impossible to know if the fan’s efforts (and money spent) will be enough to persuade Nintendo to include new hair options in Splatoon 3.

Nevertheless, the fan was thanked for their interest in the franchise. Not everyone can claim to have gone to such lengths to request an improvement in a game. Even if their parents were not pleased with the amount of money spent on stocks solely to complain to Nintendo, the fan was able to raise the funds independently by reselling Nintendo Switch OLED consoles.

If only for the beauty of the gesture, we now hope that Nintendo will release an update for the paint shooter game to add some new haircuts in the coming months. In the worst-case scenario, the fan in question will still have purchased shares in one of the biggest companies in the video game world. Who knows, they might come in handy one day. More than just a haircut for their Splatoon character, anyway.

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