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Ade Edmondson rescued by fire brigade after getting trapped on ledge in cleaning mishap

Ade Edmondson found himself at the mercy of a stranger yesterday. The comedian got trapped on a narrow window ledge and it wasn’t long before a crowd gathered around.

Small crowd gathered – thoroughly enjoying themselves

Ade Edmondson

The hapless 64-year-old was photographed stuck on the roof and pleaded for help from a passerby.

His calls were heard by Duncan Cumming, 46, who phoned the fire brigade.

The comedian later shared his ordeal on social media, saying his unfortunate antics had caused a stir with those nearby.

Ade, who is famous for his roles in hits including The Young Ones and Bottom, revealed all in view of his 329,000 followers.

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Ade Edmondson was rescued by the fire brigade yesterday (Image: SWNS/GETTY)

Ade Edmondson was seen trapped on his roof (Image: SWNS)

He wrote: “Just trapped myself on a window ledge whilst cleaning the windows.

“Had to ask passerby to fetch help. Fire Brigade came. Small crowd gathered – thoroughly enjoying themselves.”

The TV regular quipped the emergency services didn’t laught at his plight “too much” as they helped him down.

Ade continued: “Fire brigade very kind and didn’t snigger too much as they rescued me.”

Ade Edmondson pictured with wife Jennifer Saunders (Image: GETTY)

Ade Edmondson tweeted about the incident (Image: TWITTER)

Twitter’s biggest stars (Image: EXPRESS)

He signed off: “How’s your Bank Holiday?”

The comedian owns homes in Chagford, Devon, and in London with his actor and comedian wife Jennifer Saunders.

A picture taken by Duncan showed the moment Ade realised he was trapped.

He had been out for a stroll in the capital when he spotted the bizarre situation and recognised Ade from the TV.

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He told SWNS: “I saw someone on the roof and thought it looked risky – but when I got closer I knew who it was.

“He shouted to me that he was locked out and asked if I would phone for the fire brigade, which of course I did.”

Duncan added: “I left once I knew he was OK, but it’s not what you see every day.

“Occasionally in London, you do see famous people out and about – just not usually on a window ledge!”


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Ade is best known for appearing in The Young Ones between 1982 and 1984, and Bottom seven years later.

He wrote the latter with Rik Mayall, who died in June 2014.

He has been married to Absolutely Fabulous favourite, Jennifer, since 1985.

They are parents to three daughters, musician Ella, 35, actress Beattie, 33, and designer Freya, 30.

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