Adele’s Love for Rocky: Why She Insisted on Keeping the Statue in her Backyard

Adele's Love for RockyAdele’s Love for Rocky: Keeping the Statue in Her Backyard

A Surprising Trivia about Adele: Her Rocky Fandom

When one thinks of Adele, naturally the first thing that comes to mind is her impressive singing career. However, maybe after reading this article, you’ll also occasionally remember the fact that she’s a huge Rocky fan. This piece of trivia comes to us from Sylvester Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, who shared that the Skyfall theme singer kept the Rocky statue at the house she purchased from her and her husband.

Persisting Presence of Rocky Statue in Adele’s Backyard

Flavin revealed this while chatting with ET at the Toronto International Film Festival, which screened Sly, the documentary about Sylvester Stallone, who first brought Rocky Balboa to life in 1976. When Adele purchased Stallone and Flavin’s home in Los Angeles, she was insistent the statute of the popular cinematic character stayed in place rather than be moved elsewhere. As Flavin recalled:

When she did buy our house, she wanted the Rocky statue in the back of the pool, and honestly, I’m happy ’cause she’s such an amazing artist and we love her and it’s like we admire her work so much.

Adele’s Special Rocky Statue among Two Existing Ones

As Jennifer Flavin mentioned in this interview, there are only two original Rocky statues out in the world: the one in what’s now Adele’s backyard, and the other residing in Philadelphia, both Sylvester Stallone and Rocky Balboa’s old stomping grounds. These statutes were created by different artists, but Flavin made it clear that the one on the private residence is “quite great as well.” More importantly, while arrangements surely could have been made for the Rocky statue to either be moved to the Stallone family’s new home or a different location, Adele preferred to keep it in that backyard so she can gaze at it to her heart’s content.

Adele’s Surprise Rocky Love During Home Purchase

The Grammy, Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy-winning reportedly purchased the Beverly Hills home for $58 million last year, but when the deal was being made, neither Stallone nor Flavin had any idea Adele was such a big Rocky fan. In the latter’s words:

No we didn’t know. We’ve never met her, so for us, it was such a cool story that she kept it and knowing the statue’s gonna live on with her.

Will Adele’s Rocky Fandom Lead to a Family Stallone Appearance?

Now I’m curious about which of the Rocky movies is Adele’s favorites, as well as what she thinks about the Michael B. Jordan-led Creed spinoffs. More importantly though, I wonder if her Rocky fandom might be enough to warrant her appearing on The Family Stallone, which is available to Paramount+ subscribers. The reality TV show has been renewed for a second season, so why not arrange a visit to the Stallone family’s former home so that viewers can see the statue for themselves and watch Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Flavin and their daughters interact with Adele for a bit?

Where to Watch Rocky-related Content

If that’s not in the cards, then at least Netflix subscribers can take comfort knowing they’ll be able to watch Sly starting November 3. Stallone’s Paramount+ show Tulsa King has also been renewed for a second season, but if you’re now in a Rocky mood, the first two movies can be streamed with an Amazon Prime Video subscription.

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