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Aditya Chopra seeks to vaccinate the entire Bollywood industry


Bollywood filmmaker Aditya Chopra has applied for permission to vaccinate the entire Bollywood film industry.

Chopra, president of Yash Raj Films, wants purchase Vaccines against covid-19 for 30,000 registered members of the Bollywood industry.

He also wants to cover all expenses related to the immunization program for workers in industry.

Chopra urged Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackery to allow his company to wear out Requirement.

Yash Raj Films recently sent a letter to the Federation of Western India Cine (FWICE) employees.

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The letter, dated May 1, 2021, informed FWICE of Aditya Chopra asks Thackeray.

The letter stated:

“I would like like to applaud the federation for all good work they made for the members of the 31 bodies since start of the pandemic.

“With the film industry going through an unprecedented period, there is an urgent need restart as soon as possible so that thousands of workers can start win their life again and protect their families.

Films by Yash Raj, through the Yash Chopra Foundation, like to offer son support in This concerns.

“We sent a request to the Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra to allocate and allow us at purchase Vaccines against covid-19 for 30,000 registered workers, who are members of the federation of the film industry in Mumbai at the earliest.

Letter from YRF also stated that Chopra plans cover all costs associated with receiving and administering Covid-19 vaccines.

He added:

“The Yash Chopra Foundation will bear all other associated costs with vaccinate workers like awareness, transport of workers and environment up of all required Infrastructure for the vaccination program.

“We hope that our kind request will be approved, which will allow our members to be safe and also Catch them back at work as soon as possible.”

Aditya Chopra wants to vaccinate around 30,000 registered members of Bollywood industry and get 60,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to make it happen.

Indian filmmaker Ashoke Pandit approved Chopra’s request.

It is also urging the ruler of Maharashtra minister to heed its promise.

In a tweet on Monday, May 3, 2021, Pandit said:

“@Yrf through the #YashChopraFoundation has pledged to sponsor a vaccination drive for 30,000 cinema workers and members of @fwicemum.

“We ask @OfficeofUT ji and @CMOMaharashtra to kindly consider their request and give the necessary approvals. “

State of Maharashtra is currently undergoing son second confinement. It is one of the most severely affected areas in Covid-19 crisis in India.

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