Aditya Deshmukh: The last day on the set of ‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’ was quite emotional

Mumbai, June 3 (IANS) Actor Aditya Deshmukh says that his experience of working in ‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’ has been an amazing one.

He played the role of Faizuddin in the show that recently went off air. The actor also had nice things to say about the entire team that worked on the show.

“There are some shows that come in your life for some reason and teach you a lot, and ‘Ziddi Dil Maane Na’ was one such show. Though it was an action-packed story, the show was high on emotion. I have never done a show like this where the entire crew and cast are so involved in it. We never wanted the show to go off air.”

“So when the journey came to an end I felt that there’s something that has got left behind because we all are not satisfied, we wanted more. It took me time to accept that it has got over because there was so much to do and we were expecting to explore many other elements too,” he says.

The last day on the set was quite emotional for the entire team.

“We were in our rooms, taking a look at the place where we spent so much time. It was an emotional experience for me. I touched the wall for the last time thinking that as we move out a new set up will be built here for the next show. Many had tears in their eyes.”

“I saw Seema ma’am crying, Sudhir sir got emotional too. Kavveri Priyam was crying…. Our spot Dadas too could not hold back their tears. The entire team was not ready for the show to go off air,” he shares.

Since Kavveri is a close friend, Aditya was by her side throughout the last day. He has always praised her as a person and as an artiste.

“On our last day when she was crying on my shoulder, I realised that I won’t be able to meet my friend everyday now. I remember when I signed the contract, I met Kavveri for the first time. We shared a gesture. Then later we met quite a few times like in workshops, during the trial sessions.”

“The bond that we have is different. And also the USP of our show was our friendship. She has always been there with me, she listened to me, guided as well as encouraged me. Along with her, I shared a nice rapport with the entire team,” he adds.

Now that the show is over, Aditya plans to take a holiday to unwind. “I am thinking of going to Goa and also have plans to visit my native place. I was initially planning to go to Budapest but because of the Ukraine issue, my family did not allow me. They have asked me to wait for some more time. So, if Goa does not work out then Dubai is another option,” he says.

Ask about the kind of work he is looking to take up next and if at all he has any plans of working on his looks, and Aditya shares his mind.

“Right now I am auditioning for different kinds of scripts. There is no specific project or role that I want to do but if something interesting comes up where I really feel, ‘Okay this role is perfect for me and I think I should give it a try’, I will take it up and completely surrender myself to the director.”

“As far as my looks are concerned, I might try something new. But I will only try something new once I bag a new project as everything depends on my next role. Right now I am going to the gym regularly. I am working out to get in shape and get a good physique,” he wraps up.

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