Aditya Narayan became fat only a month after being Kovid positive

In the time of Coronavirus, many people came under the grip of the virus and were seen taking care of their health. While increasing their immunity, many also took up the responsibility of keeping themselves fit. In such a situation, many celebrities and artists are also doing their fitness journey on social media and motivating themselves in the time of Coronavirus. Many celebrities have been seen sharing their workout and diet routine on social media posts. Meanwhile, Bollywood singer, host and actor Aditya Narayan shared a picture of his fitness journey and making himself healthy. Aditya shared two pictures on social media in which his transformation from fat to fit can be seen. And the amazing thing is that Aditya completed his journey in a month. Aditya shared a picture from today’s date on social media last month in which Aditya is seen fat, his chubby face and fatty stomach can be seen.

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Aditya shared this picture and wrote the date of last month with today’s date and further wrote, ‘If you can’t like me at my time…’ With this Aditya told that this picture is from that time. When he became Kovid positive. After this, Aditya shared another picture of himself in which Aditya is looking absolutely fit. Aditya shared his fit picture and wrote today’s date and said, ‘So you can’t disappoint me even at this time..’ Aditya shared his fitness journey by sharing these two pictures. At the same time, many celebrities were seen reacting to this transformation of Aditya and were seen appreciating his fat to fit journey. At the same time, Aditya was also seen enjoying his journey very well.

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