Adivi Sesh all set to deliver a third ‘HIT’

Hyderabad, May 18 (IANS) Adivi Sesh has been promoting his upcoming biographical film ‘Major’, along with his upcoming thriller ‘HIT’.

The ‘Kshanam’ actor, who compared his upcoming film ‘HIT,’ to an entirely different universe, believes that the franchise can only improve with each subsequent film.

‘HIT: The Second Case,’ starring Adivi Sesh and Meenakshi Chaudhary, is produced by actor Nani’s production company, Wall Poster Cinema. Nani also produced the prequel ‘Hit: The First Case’ which was released in 2020 and starred Vishwak Sen.

With built-up hype around the crime thriller, Adivi Sesh will portray a peculiar role in ‘HIT 2’. Speaking to one of the scribes recently, Adivi Sesh also said that every film belonging to ‘HIT’ franchise will feature a different police officer.

Adivi Sesh has even confirmed that he would be a part of the third instalment of ‘Hit’. He teased that he knows who the film’s hero is but will not reveal it.

In the case of ‘Major’, the film’s trailer has received over 15 million views in just one week. ‘Major’ will be released on June 3.