Adjustments to the treatment of value added tax in Saudi Arabia .. Important clarifications

The Zakat Tax and Customs Authority has launched an interactive guide to change the tax treatment of supplies made by establishments for a government body in compliance with the government competition and procurement system, after the authority’s board of directors issued a decision yesterday, October 8, 2021, approving the amendment of the provisions of article (20) of the Executive Regulation. added, which is connected to the determination of the date of the transfer and the tax due in specific cases.

The guide illustrates the scope and impact of the change in tax treatment, with practical and simplified illustrative examples to clarify the difference between the previous and current treatment, as well as the definition of public bodies envisaged in the decision, as well as identifying the benefits included in the ‘amendment (new complaints / goods and services of any nature).

It also includes the interactive guide launched today by the institution, Requirements for issuing tax invoices in compliance with the provisions of Law and RegulationsThe sanctions imposed in case of default, as well as all the most frequently asked questions about the decision to change the tax treatment.

The launch of Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority is presented as an interactive guide to change the tax treatment of supplies made for the benefit of a government body in compliance with the government’s competition and procurement system, with the aim of facilitating corporate sector taxpayers who have contracts with government entities and institutions.

“Zakat, Tax and Customs” invited all interested to view the guide by clicking here. He also invited those who wished to obtain more information in regarding these changes, to contact you via the unified number of call center (19993), which operates 24/7. Or via e-mail to [email protected] or the “Ask Zakat, Tax and Customs” account on Twitter (@Zatca_Care), or via instant conversations via the site web of the authority (

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