Adoption of a plan for the introduction of the “Salik” toll system in the financial market of Dubai

Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Governor of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, within the Committee for the Development of Markets and Capital Exchanges in Dubai, approved today, Saturday, a plan to include the “Salik” traffic fare system in Dubai financial market.

He said the Salik system is successful and that to invest in it offers great opportunities and the aim is to diversify the government companies we list in the market in order to obtain the best return for investors in our markets.

Salik is a system that provides traffic flow, in so that taxes are paid to automatically cross certain roads in Dubai without the need to stop the vehicle.

Whenever the vehicle passes through the Salik toll booths, a 4 dirhams tax is automatically deducted from your prepaid toll account.

There are currently around 7 Salik ports in Dubai, according to the site web of the Dubai Government Roads and Transport Authority.

In early November, the Supreme Committee on the Development of Markets and Capital Exchanges in Dubai adopted directives aimed at doubling the financial market to 3 trillion dirhams, as well as listing 10 government companies and semi-government in the financial market of Dubai.

The committee approved the launch of a fund of market maker worth two billion dirhams and another billion dirhams to encourage tech companies to go public on the local market.

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