Adriana Lima Gets Glammed Up For The Holidays In New Maybelline Makeup Tutorial – Watch Video

Adriana Lima plays in a new makeup / advertising tutorial for Maybelline where she is excited about the holidays. The magnificent Brazilian beauty and former Victoria’s Secret Angel is the perfect model because the famous makeup artist Erin Parsons works her magic on Adriana. Starting with a clean slate, Adriana begins the video with a fresh face and without makeup. At the end of the video, Adriana is gorgeous with a bold red lip and perfectly accented blue eyes. The tutorial shows how Erin created the look and presents the products used. The look is easily accessible to everyone and will create a perfect holiday face for the season.

Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons designed Adriana’s locks and opted for a beautiful side part with elegant waves. The look was classic and recalled the styles worn during the glamorous days of Hollywood, such as the styles worn by Veronica Lake. Adriana’s hair ran down her shoulders with the ends folded under. The waves framed Adriana’s face and drew attention to her eyes. The color was rich and full of shine and body.

Erin Parsons showed how she made up in the tutorial and made sure she was ready for any festive party she planned to attend.

You can see the tutorial that Maybelline shared below.

To make sure Adriana’s face was ready for the party, they opted for highlights and red. Erin shaped her eyes and used a lot of bronze color and even created a smoky effect under Adriana’s eyes using the gel gel pen of Maybelline tattoo in a brown color called “Bold Brown” as opposed to using black. Erin deployed the eyeliner to smooth, blend and give it the smoky effect she was looking for.

Adriana’s eyes twinkled under a layer of tanned eyeshadows on the roof and a sweep of mascara was all that was needed to frame her gorgeous baby blues.

A highlighter applied to Adriana’s cheeks, bow, nose and forehead illuminated Adriana’s face and bronze outline.

Adriana’s pout was sexy and luscious under the Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick in the Dancer shade.

When you look at makeup, hair and even the transformation of style (Elizabeth Sulcer, Adriana), you can see that Adriana embodies old-Hollywood glamor in the finished look.


What do you think of Adriana Lima’s glamorous look in Hollywood?

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