Aerial view of the pyramids of Giza

The team South Korean Air Games participated with its counterpart in the Egyptian Air Force in the realization of an air show at the foot of the pyramids, which is being carried out under the name (Pyramids Air Show 2022), on 3 August.

And the official channel of the Ministry of Defense and Military Production posted on YouTube the promo of the pyramids air show air show 2022, which will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, at the foot of the pyramids, as it provided for the prove for the teams participating in the show at the foot of the pyramids.

The South Korean team of the Black Eagles is participating with planes that carry out a series of illustrious aerial shows, in collaboration with the Egyptian team Silver Stars and the Egyptian team Hail Gazelle (Horus) who present impressive aerial shows, as well as the Egyptian paratroopers who present a number of performances during the festival activities, in addition to the participation of Egyptian military music with a series of patriotic songs and performances accompanied by distinct rhythmic movements.

Participation in the show is expected, according to the promothe South Korean team Black Eagles, the South Korean air games team, with the Egyptian team Silver Stars and the Egyptian helicopter team Gazelle Horus.

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