"Aeroflot" Adopt National Ticket Booking Program

Aeroflot, the largest airline in Russia, announced the transition to the Russian system for booking tickets for its flights and the rejection of foreign programs.

Aeroflot has begun the transition to the Russian-developed Leonardo ticket booking system, which will replace foreign programs.

“With the support of RT-Transcom and Sirena-Travel, Aeroflot switched to the Russian Leonardo system, the transition was made taking into account the company’s huge data array, and on October 29 the process of registering passengers through this system began,” the statement added. .

On this occasion, Alexander Nazarov, Deputy General Director of the Russian company Rostec, said: “The developers of the Leonardo system have made this system as convenient and easy to use as possible, capable of storing all data and information important for air transport, and able to adapt to the various needs of airlines, and most importantly , have a high degree of data protection and are able to ensure uninterrupted work on booking flights for Russian companies even when foreign systems are turned off.”

Nazarov noted that currently the Leonardo system is used by 68 airlines, including 50 Russian companies, with a total passenger booking flow of about 45 million people a year.

Source: Rostec