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Affected by Corona, families are asking WHO and China for compensation


After the new Corona virus infected millions of people in around the world, hundreds of people who have contracted Covid 19 in Mexico, other countries, the World Health Organization and China have asked for financial compensation, but with little hope of winning the case.

Retired Jaime Michos, 63, has joined the campaign launched by one studio Argentine lawyer who dreams that the World Health Organization and Beijing will pay tens of thousands of dollars in compensation to families affected by the epidemic that began two years ago in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The chances of success in the lawsuit are slim, but it hasn’t been easy for Michaus, whose daughter died of the mysterious virus on July 23 at the age of 25, leaving behind a few months old daughter.

The odds do not exceed 50%

“I have mixed feelings because it seems like I want to profit from my daughter’s death,” said the father in mourning AFP, adding that the chance of winning the case does not exceed “50%”. “The money is not going to give me back my daughter, but I am doing it for my granddaughter’s future,” she added.

It has also joined the initiative of the studio Buenos Aires lawyer, also working in a gas station in Mexico, which is suffering from the effects of the post-COVID-19.

“I’m 35. I have a ringing in my ears, my eyes are out of focus and I have to use glasses,” she said, asking not to be named.

Treating a patient with a crown – iStock

The studio lawyer offers assistance

Furthermore, it studio Poplavsky’s lawyer states on its website: “Have you been injured or are you currently infected or has one of your relatives contracted COVID-19? You deserve compensation. File a complaint with us.” It claims to represent “practically a thousand victims in Argentina, United States, Ecuador, Spain and Italy “.

He promised his clients a financial compensation of “two hundred thousand dollars in case of illness, and the effects were great, and $ 800,000 for the death, “attorney Dennis Gonzalez, representative of the studio legal in Mexico.

From Mexico – AFP

The office confirms that it does not require any compensation from its clients, explaining that it will cover its compensation from a reduced percentage of the default compensation.

Likewise, the studio international lawyer “Poblavsky” clarifies to present claims for compensation “to the United Nations and the International Criminal Court against China and the World Health Organization for violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

Explain that the process can take at least five years.

justification for global health

For his part, says Marlec Rios Nava, an expert on international law at the Autonomous University of Mexico, “People know it won’t work,” explaining that the United Nations deals with complaints from states, not individuals.

Two years after the first infections appeared, the World Health Organization denies having been in delay at the beginning of the epidemic in declaring a state of “public health emergency on an international scale” on January 30, 2020, and then a state of epidemic on March 11 of the same year.

“The WHO emergency health system was launched immediately,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Wednesday. in a press conference.

Global Director of the World Health Organization (AFP)

Leak from the Wuhan laboratory

During 2021, the head of the World Health Organization requested further investigation into a theory that the virus may have leaked from a laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. But Beijing has consistently rejected this hypothesis.

A Reuters statistic showed that over 286.63 million people have been infected with the emerging coronavirus in around the world, while the total number of deaths resulting from the virus has reached five million and 782,999.

The United States leads in the number of injuries and deaths, followed by India, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, HIV infections have been recorded in more than 210 countries and regions since the first cases were discovered in China in December 2019.

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