Affordable Housing invests 375 million riyals to develop residential buildings in “Spark”

King Salman Energy City (SPARK) and Al-Maskan Al-Missar Company, a subsidiary of Abdullah bin Saedan & Sons Real Estate Group, today announced the signing of an agreement to develop the Spark residential complex. in compliance with the latest design And standard international.

The design Distinctive of the Spark residential complex is in in line with the green initiatives adopted by the Kingdom in its Vision 2030, as it integrates green technologies with the latest ones standard of sustainability and provides safe and competitive services for the well-being of Spark tenants and occupants.

Construction work is expected to begin on the residential complex to be developed gradually in the year 2022. It covers an area of ​​110,000 square meters, with a capacity of 8,000 beds.

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Saif bin Shamroukh Al-Qahtani, President and CEO of King Salman Energy City, said: “Spark’s success in becoming a sustainable ecosystem that attracts international investors and supports Saudi society depends not only on its strategic position, but also on its being built on the foundations and concepts of living, work and free time.

Al-Qahtani added: “Bin Saedan Company designed the complex according to the tallest standard of sustainability and competitiveness in step with the future, which will allow Spark’s tenants to achieve the desired sustainable growth for their businesses, providing residential buildings with all comforts and high quality. We commend the Bin Saedan Company’s commitment to integrating advanced design, construction and operation systems and technologies that will make it the first facility of its kind in the region. “

Mohammed Abdullah bin Saedan, CEO of Easy Housing Company, said: “We are proud to partner with Spark and to help build the infrastructure needed to establish a dynamic and vibrant community, providing residents with a healthy, prosperous and happy life. Through our local experience spanning more than a hundred years, we can adopt innovative real estate ideas and products that live up to the aspirations of the investor, so we are committed with Spark and the Kingdom to the success of this project and make it the first of of its kind in terms of use of standard new and sustainable. The signing of this agreement is an important result for our company which will accelerate and improve our presence in the eastern province “.

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