Afghan army: 20 dead in air strike against Taliban

The Afghan army announced that there was an air strike on die Taliban in the south of the country twenty people were killed.

The Afghan army said its air force had targeted Taliban fighters in the Nahr Siraj district when they were taking guns and ammunition from an abandoned military base in the southern province of Helmand captured.

The army also pointed die Killing a number of civilians die participated in the looting together with the Taliban.

Afghan army: 20 dead in air strike against Taliban

Taliban fighters (Reuters)

It is noteworthy that US President Joe Biden announced last month that all of his country’s armed forces would be withdrawn by September 11th, die comprise between 2,500 and 3,500 soldiers, in addition to about 7,000 from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan is drawing near, and there are many signs of it die impending danger, and what the Central Region Commander, General Frank McKenzie, announced more than once, reflects die Reality of the dangers opposed to whom die World months after the withdrawal.

All US officials agree that die Taliban have only kept their promise die Not to attack Americans until their withdrawal is complete, but to keep all other promises, especially in relation to al-Qaeda die Taliban broken so far.

US soldiers return after their service in Afghanistan back home - World News

US soldiers return after their service in Afghanistan back home – world news

According to the agreement between the Taliban and the Americans last year must die Taliban die Breaking off relationship with al-Qaeda and not allowing terrorist organizations in Afghanistan is gaining a foothold, but the Department of Defense’s Military Intelligence Service issued an assessment weeks ago, saying that “Al-Qaeda is still on die Taliban movement is relying on to receive protection. “”. The report adds that al-Qaeda and die Taliban in have strengthened their relationships over the past ten years, “making organizational withdrawal difficult”.

The big Brother

The Americans consider the Taliban’s silence suspicious and confirm that die close relationship between the two organizations will not tear off and die Taliban want to reassure their supporters and elements that they are committed to the core principles die they link al-Qaeda and at the core are “religious extremism and the use of violence to gain control”.

The Afghan government accuses the Taliban of al-Qaida elements in die Take up ranks of their fighters, and die Americans agree with this charge: one of the speakers described die Relationship between the Taliban and al-Qaeda as “die Relationship between older brother and younger brother. ”The Taliban protect the terrorist organization, coordinate its actions and protect it by providing organizational cover and working from the Taliban tent.

The Americans consider the Taliban’s approach to be “pragmatic” because die organization die Maps of terrorist organizations too in want to hold hands and win security and political rounds at the same time, especially die Transformation of the Taliban in a legitimate organization and that is now on its way to being in power or at least part of an authority and government, die in Afghanistan is coming.

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