Afghan soldiers seek refuge in Pakistan after losing control of a border post

The Pakistani army said on Monday that 46 Afghan soldiers had taken refuge in Pakistan after losing control of military posts across the border following the advance of Taliban fighters.

Hundreds of Afghan military and civilian officials have fled in Tajikistan, Iran and Pakistan in the last few weeks after the Taliban attacks on border areas.

And the Pakistani army said in a statement today, Monday, that the Afghan army commander has asked Islamabad to grant them asylum at the Chitral border in the north. He added that the soldiers obtained safe passage to Pakistan on Sunday evening, after approval by the Afghan authorities.

“Afghan soldiers were provided with food, shelter and necessary medical care in compliance with military standards, “adds the note.

The move has arrived in one moment in which relations between the two countries have deteriorated. Afghanistan has recalled its diplomats from Pakistan after the Afghan ambassador’s daughter in Islamabad was briefly kidnapped earlier this month.

The Taliban have stepped up their attacks since the United States announced last April that it would fully withdraw its forces by September, ending a 20-year foreign military presence.

Washington said yesterday it will continue to launch air strikes to support Afghan forces in the face of the attacks.

Negotiators from the Afghan government and the Taliban have met in the Qatari capital Doha in recent weeks, but diplomats said there has been little sign of tangible progress since the start of the talks. pace last September.

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