Afghanistan .. 3 dead in an ISIS attack on the Taliban in Jalalabad

At least 3 people were killed in Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan, in an attack launched by elements of Isis against the Taliban movement.

The local radio “Salam and Tandar” reported that two explosions occurred near the police station of the city, after which the fire fight between Taliban militants and ISIS militants began.

Furthermore, i media locals, citing state officials, said two civilians were killed in two successive explosions.

A local source reported to the media that the explosions occurred around nine this morning.

He also added that the explosions were caused by an explosive device, but it is not clear who the target was, while official Taliban sources have not yet provided details.

chain of attacks

It is interesting to note that the movement was forced to deal with a series of attacks claimed by a group linked to ISIS, with which it has diverged for years on a series of economic and ideological issues.

ISIS (Khorasan province), the organization’s branch in the region, claimed responsibility for a series of attacks in the city of Jalalabad earlier this week.

Afghanistan .. 3 dead in an ISIS attack on the Taliban in Jalalabad
ISIS Khorasan members in Afghanistan (Image taken from a previous video)

That group also claimed responsibility for carrying out an attack on the Kabul airport last August that killed 13 US soldiers and dozens of Afghan civilians who had gathered outside the airport gates.

US intelligence officials warned on September 14 that al-Qaeda could organize within Afghanistan within a year or two, noting that some members of the terrorist group had already returned to the country, according to the American newspaper “The New York Times. “.

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